Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thoughts on SB 5

Jeff Bell, a Dayton Business Journal contributor, says that half of Ohio Voters disapprove of the way Gov. Kasich is handling things. Not much of a surprise! The fury that he has stirred over SB 5 has brought people together from both sides of the aisle as well as management and labor. Kasich was able to buffalo a lot of people into believing that there was a problem without ever giving anyone a shred of evidence that it actually was happening. So here we are and half of the people don’t like him. Here’s the deal. HE DOESN’T CARE! He had his mind made up long before he was even nominated, exactly what he would do if he was elected. He brought up something that he knew was a sore spot and led a bunch of otherwise good legislators down the yellow brick road. Unfortunately, if he goes down, some of them are bound to go down with him.

A whole bunch of registered voters don’t like the way the budget is being handled because it calls for deep cuts in education funding. Ever since Gov. Taft, the education governor, was in office and before, the Supreme Court has admonished the administration to get a viable way to fund schools so that all are funded equally and sufficiently. In these tough economic times it seems that this should be on the front burner. If the court ordered you or I to do something like that and three generations later it wasn’t done, I’m thinking we would probably be in line for a contempt of court proceeding. But here’s the deal. HE DOESN’T CARE.

The governor’s approval rating is a couple points higher than it was but once again, he didn’t come here to win a popularity contest. The fact that there is strong feelings about the repeal of SB 5 only says that there are a lot of people out there who are asking the same question that I’ve been asking. Where did all of this alleged bad stuff happen? People aren’t stupid even though a lot of politicians think otherwise. It makes little difference which party a person is either. The general public is getting pretty good at seeing through someone like Kasich. They just need to start doing it right before they enter the voting booth instead of six months after coming out.

These intelligent people overwhelmingly agreed that limiting collective bargaining wasn’t needed to balance the budget. One need only spend a few hours outside any state office building and ask workers leaving the building what the biggest problem is. They will overwhelmingly tell you “mismanagement” and massive boondoggles of red tape. I can’t understand why Mr. Kasich doesn’t get on Under Cover Boss. He sure could find out the real problem if he really wants to. But that might prove him wrong. Can’t have that. It’s the bad state of Ohio employees and other public employees causing the problem and that’s that.

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